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A donor and a real estate tycoon – Ron Hershco

Apart from being a leading real estate personality, Ron Hershco is also a philanthropist who is a strong believer in charity work. This is evident by the fact that he offered a school to one of the communities in Rockaway. He is also associated with the Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation.

Ron Hershco- Incredible real estate developer!

Not everyone has the talent to build dream homes, but Ron Hershco is a man who significantly can stand up to the expectations of people who wish to have their dream house. This is why he is regarded as the most talented person for building homes in the New York City.


Mr. Ron Hershco- Counted amongst one of the topmost real estate service providers!

In the industry of real estate, Mr. Ron Hershco regarded as one of the leading real estate service providers of the New York City. He has helped many people to get their dream homes by providing them best state of art residential solutions. Not only has this Mr. Ron Hershco effort taken real estate industry to a further level.



Ron Hershco- Prominent name in the real estate field:



Mr. Hershco, US based real estate businessperson, has set an example for those who want to step into the real estate and development field. During his work as a real estate developer, he has accomplished many biggest projects successfully.  Not only in development field, he also has earned reputation for his deeds for poor and disadvantaged people.

Ron Hershco- A hardworking businessperson


Mr. Ron Hershco has become a shining star of real-estate industry because of his hard work and sheer dedication. He has become a true challenger for his competitors. Ron Hershco has revolutionized the real-estate indu

Ron Hershco - Considers health is wealth!

Despite of a hectic business schedule, Ron Hershco takes out time from his busy schedule for physical activities. In his free-time, he follows a strict running training schedule because he believes that if one is healthy then only one can achieve their goals in life. Besides this, Mr. Hershco also believes that running is a way to get relaxed.

Take a glance at what Ron Hershco has given to society and the real estate industry

Ron is a well known real estate personality, who is focused in creating high rise luxury apartments at affordable prices, in the developing areas of New York. He is engaged in real estate projects aiming to boost urban development, by building condo complexes.

There are several renowned projects that have been executed by his firm which include; 360 Gold Street and the Meridian. Both of these projects are highly lavish and equipped with world class amenities.

Besides his contribution to the real estate industry, Ron Hershco is also an active philanthropist and a strong believer in helping society. As a part of charity, his company donated a school to a Queens’s community.

He is also known for his association with the Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation, a trust run by Russell Simmons. It is focused on promoting arts education, among less fortunate children.

Ron Hershco-The man with multiple talents!

Ron Hershco is a true businessman, great philanthropist and an active marathon runner. He started working in real estate in 1992, and he soon became the talk of the town for being the number one revenue producer of New York, in the real estate industry.

Since then, he has been consistently setting new mile stones that gradually have made him, one of New York’s leading real estate entrepreneurs.

After achieving success in the Real Estate business, he established his own company in 1996; through which he has handled some of the most famous real estate projects like; the Meridian, a luxury Long Beach condominium located at 306 Gold Street, and a forty-story building in Brooklyn.

Besides been a successful businessman, he also has a keen interest in running marathons. He has participated in various marathons organized in New York and Boston. More information visit here

Ron Hershco- The frontrunner in the real-estate industry

Well-known real estate entrepreneur, Ron Hershco is focusing primarily on numerous urban developments, reasonably priced housing and multistory condominiums in the New York area.

He has brought about a revolutionary change in the real-estate industry, by developing buildings with modern day perspectives. As a real estate businessman he has undertaken many famous projects, like The Meridian condominium at 306 Gold Street in Long Island NY, which was designed with all contemporary facilities.

Ron is also a passionate athlete, who frequently manages to make time from his extremely busy schedule for running practice. He has participated in many marathons in New York and Boston, and he is now preparing to compete in international marathons.

He is also a participant in many humanitarian activities. He funded new apartments to more than two hundred students, and supports the Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation and Chabad of Oceanside.

Ron Hershco - known for building high rise condos

Ron Hershco is a well known real estate business man from Long Island, where he still resides with his family and children. He has been a part of this industry for over two decades, and has set several benchmarks by establishing luxurious condos and multi-story complexes in Brooklyn, NY. One of his most famous projects is the Meridian, which has scored huge media attention for providing world class amenities. The Meridian is situated in Long Island and it overlooks the Atlantic Ocean!
Apart from making contributions to help people realize their dream of owning their own luxurious apartment, Ron Hershco is also an active donor, who strongly believes in serving the community and giving back to society.
He supports a number of charitable trusts, like the Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation being one of the most notable ones.
Ron’s company has donated a public school to one of the communities in Rockaway, Queens.... Read more

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